P&S engraving experts
engraving experts  

Rotary engraving

This is the mainstay of our work, we use a flatbed CNC engraving machine with a bed size of 24”x18”. A rotating cutter cuts material away according to the artwork used.
Please note that we do not have a Cup engraving machine, which would be capable of engraving around a curved surface such as a tankard.

rotary engraving machine
Laser engraving

We also run a laser engraving machine, in which a laser, controlled by a computer, moves across a piece of work and can cut and burn the material giving amazing results. We use it to cut materials, engrave plastics and etch stainless steel. We also produce a superb range of engraved wooden giftware which is available from the Exmoor Producers Shop in Minehead
laser engraving machine
Badge Printing
We run a millennium badge printing machine, to make you full colour badges
Cut Vinyl
We supply cut vinyl lettering and graphics for signage and vehicle livery
Printed Vinyl and signs
We supply digitally printed vinyl and signs to your specification for many applications from vehicle wrap to shop fronts