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We are a vsmall company with a wide range of skills and are specialist in solving your marking problems. We work closely with local suppliers to give imaginative and cost effective solutions.
Click on the links below to see some of the projects that we are involved with or have completed:

1) Etched Stainless Steel Product Plates Ribcraft Ltd

2) Wooden waymarkers for the Crown Estate

3) Unique sign for A Skills and Enterprise Centre

4) Wooden signs for A College Farm

1. Ribcraft LTD
Ribcraft maufacture a huge range of Rigid Inflatable Boats for leisure, sport and work.
How to display a makers CE plate, one for each type of boat, which reflects the quality of the product in a cost effective way.

The P&S Engraving solution:
The best material for a harsh salt water environment is stainless steel. This can be etched and paint filled to give a superb quality plate which has unrivalled durability. However the process is only really cost effective for large runs. In consultation with the Ribcraft team, we have developed
an elegant solution. Produce a generic high quality etched plate with a blank
space for Laser etching of individual boat’s details. In this way we have utilised the economies of scale
of a large production run with a bespoke finishing service.
Problem Solved.

We also produce a range of one off labels in Acrylic laminates, including some safety signs that ‘glow in the dark’ Only engraving can give the durability required for labelling in extreme conditions.

ribcraft engraved plate

2. The Crown Estate:
Waymark a range of walking and cycling trails at Nutcombe Bottom in the Dunster Forest, in a sympathetic way that is clear to follow and marked with the Crown Estates distinctive logo. Each walk to
be colour coded. All products to be as 'Green' as possible

The P&S Engraving solution:
Use locally sourced wood from the Local wood shop in Minehead, in this case a sweet chestnut tree
which actually came from the Crown's Dunster Forest at Nutcombe bottom. You can't get more
local than that - total miles travelled by the timber - about 20. The wooden finger is routed with the required lettering, which is painted in white.
This includes a routed circle to take the coloured disc with the walk route. Why white paint? - because as the wood weathers it will become much darker, the white text will remain legible for many years.
The waymarking discs are made from acrylic laminate the most colourfast material on the market.

waymarkers engraved

3. Skills & Enterprise Centre
Design and manufacture a cost effective sign to be fitted in a sympathetic and durable manner on the Cedar cladding of the super new Skills and Enterprise centre at the West Somerset Community College, which reflects the quality of the new learning environment.

The P&S Engraving solution:
Design - call in the experts, who understand signage and the requirements of all media, as well as print.
Signmakers are so often confronted with a design made by graphic designers who think no further than what would look good on a business card and who have no idea what is possible and what the challenges and possibilities of signmaking technology are, and so produce designs which are very difficult
to make look good in a sign. We use inky-design of Minehead, who understand these things.

Together a new design concept was developed which ended with a cost effective sign made of laser cut perspex, which was fitted to the cladding to allow for the natural movement of the wood.

A unique design solution, which met all of our clients criteria.

skills and enterprise centre

4. The College Farm
Design and manufacture cost effective signs to be fitted in a sympathetic and durable manner to the new farm buildings, which is on the Exmoor National Park. A natural look is of prime importance.

The P&S Engraving solution:
Cut lettering in thin plywood - allow it to soak in water based green wood preservative (Protec - made in Somerset) Then dry bond the lettering onto simple ply boards and then coat the whole with Danish oil.
A simple maintenance programme will ensure a long life.

college farm signage